Jul 22, 2010

Women Things

This is the short film Cosas de mujeres, directed by Lorena Mendez and Alejandra Rotondi. Here you attach the synopsis by the artists!

The short shows a day in the life of this woman, who oppress the mandates and what "should" be and do every day. On the other hand, fantasies come to mind as does the domestic and the everyday. With his fantasies succeeded in giving a "flight" to the life repetitiva.Lo going black and white is the routine, but in parallel passes your fantasy, your imagination, which occur to him while doing daily tasks, and this will in color.

The idea is that despite the routine of his life, you can find a creative look and a chance to enjoy your existencia.El aim is to question and learn that women are not captive, we have the ability to change, mandates, it established, what position, why exactly has to be so? Why tradition? Why custom? For whatever reason .. rethink the roles, mandates ... must realize that, and of personal responsibility about what compliance; because no one serves for places to occupy, if not from the end.

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