Jul 30, 2010

Women Creator: Art, culture and creativity

2009 was the European Year of Creativity and Innovation and such was the occasion of commemoration of the third edition of Women Creator in Extremadura. This initiative has entered into this third year demonstrates once again that women and men are fighting for equality, non-discrimination in all areas and awareness throughout society.

Women Creator 2009 is an open space from Extremadura to the art, culture, creativity and expression made by women: the result of their concerns and interests. But it also brings attention Women Creator in Art, Culture and Creativity as tool for social transformation.

Women from different parts of the world, noted for their work and perseverance the artistic enterprise environment for social and cultural, have been the protagonists of Women Creator Meeting 2009. The organization is working to present the fourth edition of this event inExtremadura that both monitoring and successes achieved.

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