Jul 23, 2010

Heidi: the smiling girl from the Alps

Heidi's character comes from a children's book titled with the same name, which the author Johanna Spyri achieved international recognition and fame. This book tells the story of a young girl who lives in the Swiss Alps near the Austrian border. In the character of Heidi emphasize human values and love of nature with which they conquered not only the children, but, people of all age groups were attracted by the magic of the child.

It will be in 1974 when the jump to the small screen, hands of Japanese anime Shojo Haiji, achieving unparalleled success at international level. In the series of fifty-two episodes tells the experiences of this little girl, who originally lived in the mountains with her grandfather and those forced to ditch to go to the city and escort another girl in class high social standing. This trip makes a clear allusion to the Second Industrial Revolution and the exodus from the countryside to the city, linking two worlds to one from the innocent eyes of the girl.

In 1975 he issued in Spain for Spanish television, and sit unparalleled success at the time. With anime it is introduced not only in Spain but also in Europe, and serves as a starting point for the worldwide introduction of anime in both the Old Continent and the U.S.

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