Jul 21, 2010

Women in Animacam: Inma Carpe

Inma Carpe is a Danish animator with Spanish origins. Valencian by birth, she developed her professional career in Spain, Cuba, Germany and Denmark. Present in many festivals of animation as Anifest in Prague or Animamundi in Sao Paulo, developed much of her career between Spain and Germany, but currently she is based in Denmark.

After other works as Peace, Whispering, The little head riding hood or AIDS (the latter two present in the current edition of Animacam), Inma participated in the Second Edition of Animacam with two short films: In the winter palace-an allegory about dream world and the real and the quest for perfect balance between both, which was winner in the Retrospective category, and Prayer in the night: the story of love between the moon and sun, and how to avoid the night being together . Both figures taken astral human form, to make their dreams reality.

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