Jul 13, 2010

Women in Animacam: Sandra Ortuño

Sandra Ortuño is a very young animator who appeared in the last edition of 2009 of Animacam with three works. This Valencian, with 24 years old, graduated in Arts is a rising star in the Spanish animation. Their stories, candy and with a huge sense of humor, looking for and connection with the viewer, through the movements and music tapes.

In its beginnings in animation world started to have a presence and display at festivals like Rio de Janeiro and Valencia, and participated in our festival with three works: Menu of the Day-produced and performed in the United Kingdom, tells the story of a chef in a restaurant without food is to serve its customers in comedy-, Salsito - made with Victor Gil, tells the musical adventure of Salsito, a bird that comes to his first day of school, and Panteras en las paredes - animation work fully developed by the author, in which Neu heard noises in the walls, but no one will listen her.-

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