Jul 28, 2010

DONA´M CINE: Made by women and about women Festival

The Festival is called DONA'M CINE and is the I International Competition of short films made by women in solidarity on women. The deadline for receipt of works is up to the Oct. 25 th in this online festival which has the support of many organizations and associations and is described by the Organization as follows:

DONA'M CINE is an audiovisual project promoted by the Association Entrepueblos / Entrepobles / Entrepobos / Herriarte, working in partnership for over 20 years, and producer Dual Band, with extensive experience in film and social documentary content. This project receives financial support from the Catalan Agency for Cooperation for Development (Generalitat de Catalunya) yl'Ajuntament d'Olèrdola del Penedès.

DONA'M CINE is a festival that provides a starting point towards the collective construction of a network for exchange of audiovisual materials on the internet done by women, which help to consolidate the process of empowering women and promoting equitable relations between men and women in a society more just, inclusive and supportive. DONA'M CINE is an opportunity to document our present, to write our own history from the diversity of social identities, cultural, indigenous, land - urban or rural areas, "sexual, religious or agnostic, ...

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