Jul 12, 2010

Pin-up arthouse

The expression "pin-up" was set in the U.S. in the decades of the 40s and 50s. With this name are known the drawings (or photographs) of pretty girls in attitudes suggestive. His success was so resounding that over time have come to influence many areas.

The pin-ups follow a pattern: women are beautiful, sensual, often caught in situations "committed" and that exude eroticism and innocence from every pore. No need to be naked (in fact almost never are). Its charm lies in their poses and looks, in that skirt that shows just enough, or that lingerie that suggests more than it teaches.

From magazines and calendars (how widespread publicity at the time) came to every corner of the country. With the height of the photo illustrations lost weight and some models are specialized in the strip or film. Its popularity was such that even the U.S. government became pin-ups to give the soldiers that hung in their lockers and they go up morale during World War II.

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