Jul 14, 2010

Manga subgenres: the shójo

The shōjo (the meaning in Japanese is "young girl") is a type of manga aimed at a female audience aged ten to eighteen, and usually published in Japan in manga magazines dedicated to this demographic. It covers a wide range of topics and styles, from the historical drama to science fiction, usually focusing emphasis on human and emotional relationships. Refers to the type of Manga that is dedicated to romantic storytelling, originally to entertain the young Japanese girls of today but are also watched and followed by boys.

Strictly speaking, the shōjo does not subscribe to any particular style or genre and is more an indicator of audience it is intended.

This type of hose has a number of characteristics that differentiate it from other subgenera within the manga universe:

Young people who appear in this series look effeminate, the higher the beauty of the boy, player appearances become more effeminate. While elllo, a man in this type of Japanese animation can be compressive, sensitive and gentle without being effeminate.

The dominant and strong sex are women

The feelings among the subjects of relationships are always involved in the misunderstanding on the part of society for their problems.

In some cases this type of series and animation productions: the exterior of a person is most important.

There are different forms of Shojo

Clean Shojo: Where the protagonist is usually a woman with many problems both emotionally as well as social. (As in the case of Candy Candy).

Shojo Singer: Where the players dream of becoming idols (like Idol Densetsu Eriko).

Magicals Shojo Girls: Where the players acquire super powers (see Sailor Moon).

Shounen: stories about boys (teenage relationships).

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