Jul 7, 2010

Stop genre violence: My house is a hell

Alén Filmes is a production from Vigo during the first decade of the twenty-first century was devoted to stop-motion animation and clay, was nominated for major awards such as The Mestre Mateo in 2007, the best animated short films and being present in many festivals . Currently, Alen film focuses on the direction of casting and extras for major television and film productions. This production Vigo presented to the Second Edition of Animacam a work in clay on gender violence: My house is a hell.

My house is a hell is the first chapter of the animated series "Stories of the day to day." It tells the story of a women who survived domestic violence and now living in a shelter for women victims of bad behaviour.Una new life after the hell in which they will become their own homes. Carolina, Iria, Lucia and Karen told us about their experiences from a foster home, a place whose location can not reveal or their friends or family la sua. A haven of peace after a traumatic experience as a victim of violence by partners suas at home. Rafael Jurado, a judge of prisons, brings us his vision of a dangerously growing problem both in the number of dead how the people suffer. Also seek to provide a solution to alleviate the problem.

From Galicia, comes this example of renunciation and rejection of violence against women, providing the animated clay and seeing a significalidade meddling in social issues.

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