Jun 18, 2010

Women In Animation

Women In Animation
is a professional, non-profit organization established in 1994 to foster the dignity, concerns and advancement of women who are involved in any and all aspects of the art and industry of animation.

WIA is:

- A networking organization. We provide opportunities for you to meet and exchange business cards with interesting and influential people in the animation industry. WIA is an organization of friendly and helpful people. Look for a mentor here!

- An educational organization. Through our workshops, meetings and panels you are bound to gain valuable insight into the industry, opportunities available to you and other educational resources in your area.

- Worldwide. With most members concentrated in the United States and Canada, our influence and members at large reach into many other countries and is growing all the time.

- An organization of creative people. Our membership includes people actively involved in the following facets of animation:

Computer and Traditional Animation
Voice Acting
Education and Scholarships
Animation Writers

Plus, we have Committees focused on Historical documentation, Membership, Youth & Education, Public Affairs, Volunteers, Programming, Fundraising and Communications. You can find, or create, what’s of interest to you in WIA.

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