Jun 17, 2010

Japanese anime and how experts interpretate it

The "anime" or Japanese cartoons, ranges from Mazinger Z to Dragon Ball or Pokemon through Ramna ½ and a vast production of feature films from different topics such as Akira, Monster City, Fist of the North Star, Escaflowne or Spirited Away.

There is a constant accusation from Europe and North America by the nature of stereotypical representations of gender and the law of anime called "Chance Of Fashion" which "demands that women wear as little clothing as possible, or that any woman with an excessive amount see it torn clothes or somehow disappear. " In fact, any girl who does not imitate and behave like a male hero, is a character who is always in the background, after the boys and girls are sweet, scary and good. However, cultural otherness that Japan poses to the West may lead to simplifying exercises that does not match the looks of that country.

As an example of great interest to highlight the series of Ranma ½. Its main character is a teenage boy, martial arts expert, who transforms into a woman when in contact with cold water and goes back to man when the contact is with hot water. It is clearly aimed at adult audiences because of its erotic content as the cinematic language he uses. However, poses a complex characteristic drama of sexual identity experiences of adolescents that connects to other story lines of the series that reveal the multiple stresses that age characteristics increasingly complex in complex societies like those of today.

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