Jun 8, 2010

Women animating in Animacam

The next 23 of June, summer solstice, Animacam celebrates his three first years of life. To celebrate it with all those that share our dream of “Walking together to animate the world”, have decided to open a new window to which aim us doing a homage to all the world-wide representation of women animators. For it, since today we created a new space in Animacam called Womenanimating aimed to create a new mirror in which look us since we considered necessary the feminine look to share the way.

In this way, posed this proposal to gather, talk, debate and share in an only portal the idea that the woman is increasingly present in the world of the animation. Besides pretends to be a platform of launching of the projects realized by the women animators, like this as a referent of the projects realized by women along the history of the animation.

The aim of this new project is to create a point of meeting online for around the world and for all the women and men interested in the subject, connoisseurs or no of the same, so that they express his ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Greetings and Animation!
Animacam Team

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