Jun 10, 2010

Animation world nowadays

There is no only just a point of view of animation as films for children or cartoons. Undoubtedly, the most animated titles are aimed at children and animation techniques are the most widespread of the cartoon, but there is an entire market of animation aimed to adults, and on the other hand, the animation techniques are extremely diverse. There is, therefore, to leave behind the idea of animation as a genre defined by the type or age of the audience it is intended.

The animation does not enjoy a particularly good reputation. The criticisms are varied. On the one hand, he is accused of fomenting violence and thereby stimulate aggressive behavior in children. In general, it complains that supports your humor on aggression and gratuitous violence, fostering attitudes of contempt to the other, as well as developing other types of passive violence, which have to do with the representation of women, the girl, female characters in general, whether human or animals sexed. The Japanese anime is especially at this point of view. On the other, denouncing the cultural colonialism posed as most production is foreign and alien to the culture of children who see such films. It has also been accused of promoting an ideology conformist, conservative, where conflict resolution is developed more from the use of brute force, or with the use of more or less hidden powers above reasoning and consensus building dialogued.

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