Jun 15, 2010

Studies about sexism in animation films

An extensive line of critical work on the animated movies, has focused on denouncing the gender roles prevalent views contrary to the emancipation of women and report that it fosters respect for different while maintaining stereotypes of different nature. Thus, a study by the University of Granada in 2003, focused on the Spanish case, found that gender stereotypes are giving priority. In fact, for every female character actor, there are two male.

Critics have even come to proclaim that the media are relieved traditional accounts of socialization processes in a transition leading to the loss of the mediating role of the reporter next to the consumerism that promotes open. The most critical detractors do not hesitate to come to denounce this film as a low intellectual level, which impoverishes the language and thought deforming reading habits at the same time it leads to simplistic thinking which outlines the social and human life.

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