Aug 4, 2010

Jessica Rabbit: the cartoon femme fatale

Jessica Rabbit is without doubt the most lush and the femme fatale of the cartoons female characters. The wife of Roger Rabbit noted for her wide hips, his gait and his voluptuous white heat. Born on November 14th of the 1922 in Los Angeles (based on the recreation of the atmosphere of the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, created by the artists of Touchstone Pictures and Amblint Entertainment), is considered the sexiest female character in the history of animation, ahead of Betty Boop.

Her figure is based on previous femmes fatales of cinema: Veronica Late, Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall. The character uses the voice of Kathleen Turner and the songs of Amy Irving. Considered a landmark in the world of animation and an erotic myth for many, Jessica simply says: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way"

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