Aug 24, 2010

Animated characters: Chun-Li, the first great heroine

When in 1987 the Japanese video game company Capcom, launched from the arcades of the first edition of the video game Street Fighter, nor did they know that they were starting revolution. The sequel released in 1991, not only sat impact in the gaming world, but served to break with the male stereotype of video games to fight.
Responsible for this was the inclusion of a character, whose name in Chinese would come to mean beauty of spring. This character was Chun-Li.

The figure of Chun-Li, managed to become, along with Ryu, the label identifying the CAPCOM video game series and opened the way for female characters in the world of interactive entertainment. Thus, companies that wanted to emulate post successes achieved by Street Fighter, did not hesitate to include in their offers interactive on a girl, ever putting it in a prominent place.

For the moment, and after 20 years, the success of the character is still booming. In their extrapolation to the animated and film adaptations of the saga were made video game, took a prominent role, becoming the main protagonist of a large cast of male figures.

Thus, from women animating, make a fitting tribute to those who paved the way for a female character kick hit the helicopter in the video game world: Chun-Li's first major interactive heroin.

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