Aug 12, 2010

Animated caracthers: Catwoman

Catwoman, also known as "gatubela" in some Latin American countries, was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane for DC Comics, and made its first appearance in Batman # 1. Her real name, Selina Kyle, is derived from the lunar deity Selene and makes a clear reference to the word "felina".

Originally, Catwoman was a jewel thief white collar, cat suit dressed and enemy of Batman. The complexity of the character was increasing as the years passed. As an antagonist of the series of comics, stand out among her skills: Agility own a cat, capacity and athletic figure and the strange sensuality apparent cause reaching between her and Batman there is an obvious physical and sexual attraction also linked to romanticism.

Later, we will investigate more about the characteristics, origins, nuances and personality of this curious character, one of the most acclaimed and well known female characters in comics and animation.

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