Aug 19, 2010

Animated caracthers: Mulan

Mulan is an animated film from 1998, directed by Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft, based on the traditional Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. Also part of the Disney Princesses.

Mulan is a young woman of marriageable age, but is also a free spirit and that is why many consider it a disgrace to her family and culture. In the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese empire goes to war with the Huns, and her elderly father is called to the front. As her father could no longer fight, she decides not to allow it, and is disguised as a man to replace him without anyone knowing.

One of the most popular Disney films in the late 90s, based on a popular Chinese legend, Mulan has become one of the carachters of the factory with more charisma and more familiar to children.

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