Mar 15, 2013

Great year of women Animation in Animacam 2012

Once concluded the On-line and off-line competition of the Audience Awards for Best Director and Best Film in Animacam 2012, the organizers of the Festival are pleased to highlight the large amount of short-listed works made by women in this Animacam Edition.

Thus one out of three works of a total of 77 finalist films have been directed and performed by women animators. And these have not only received a great review by the audience, but also have shined brightly in the voting phase of the V Festival Edition.

As usual in a framework in which renowned artists of animation like Joanna Lurie, Isabel Herguera, Svetlana Filippova, Marina Moshkova, Paola Luciani and Karla Castañeda have taken part once more, novel female directors of animation have chosen Animacam to present their early works to the international public too.

Within an Edition featured by the high level of the competing works -some of them nominated for an Oscar and a Goya-, new female directors such as Belén Sousa, Silvia Carpizo, Annu Laura Tuttelberg and Mariana Ramirez have excelled in the voting phase with their first Animated works; creations such as Only You (Bethlehem Sousa), Alienation (Silvia Carpizo), Fly Mill (Anu Laura Tuttelberg) and Pardesi (Mariana Ramirez) have achieved a well-deserved place in the Top Ten of Animacam 2012.

Other films that have been outlined by the votes of the audience in the competition for Best Animated Film are: Bajo la Almohada (Isabel Herguera), with a creditable third place; the Iranian film Tunnel (Maryam Kashkoolina), in sixth place; and Where Dogs Die (Svetlana Filippova), in eighth position.

And when choosing the Best Director of Animation and within  a Top Ten list of strong female nature, the following have been highlighted: Eight Minutes Deadline  of Zina Papadopoulou, second in the voting; the already named Alienation of Silvia Carpizo, in third place; the co-direction of Raquel Diana Rodriguez Lago in The End, with a fourth place; the debut of Mariana Ramirez with Pardesi, in sixth position; the co-direction of Helene Marschall in the awarded French film De Riz ou D´armenie, in seventh place; the Galician Belén Sousa with her first animation work Only You, in Eighth place; the Latvian Annu Laura Tuttelberg with Fly  Mill, in ninth position; and the co-direction of the German Caroline Reucker in Perpetuum,  positioned in tenth place.

All in all, once more the women's presence in the Festival has been reinforced in an Edition clearly featured by the high quality of the films presented; from the organization it is unavoidable to mention such essential contributions, being these indispensible and prominent works that form part of the idiosyncrasy of Animacam.

You can enjoy many of them on the festival website byclicking here.

Thank you very much to all participants

The Animacam Team 2012

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