Dec 29, 2011

2011 has been the Year of the Women animating in the International Festival Of Animation Online Animacam

 The Belgian animation director, Britt Raes and the Spanish-Danish Inma Carpe, win the best Multimedia and Retrospective awards respectively, being the best short film prize for the Danish director Henrik Malmgren.

The Belgian director BRITT RAES, with her Retrospective creation "I LIKE BIRD", presents a film which includes the most interactive side of the most little-aged with the audiovisual media and the reaction that they arouse in her mind and imagination.

In contrast, The Spanish-danish INMA CARPE, with her Multimedia work "DADDY'S GIRL", creates an advertising spot proposal for BARBIE I CAN BE, the Matel's doll, in which the parental relations prevail, showing her kindest side.

On the other hand, the director Henrik Malmgren with his film "THE GUEST", with high impact at festivals such as Siggraph (Los Angeles), takes us, through a psychological thriller, into the burning issue of the loneliness and the social exclusion within the troubled and controversial actual society.

205 films from 38 countries from the 5 continents (1 of each 3 directed by women) had coincided in the subject matters of their animation films submitted at the 4th Edition of Animacam 2011, produced and realized in Ourense (Spain), since the last 4

The presence of Women animating in 2011 was magnificent: they were present practically in all the movies at conquest and as a directors, they signed72 films from the 205 finalists. We also remark their extraordinary active participation in the Festival’s blog “Women Animating”, which English version
had more tan 41.000 visits.

This Animacam’s 4th Edition was notorious by the quality of the films at conquest. Eather acclaimed women directors or young coming talents got together in this 2011 Animation Festival. Thus authors like Monique Renault, Malika Whitaker (France), Ellen Meske(Belgium), Jisuk Jung (South Corea) and Isabel Herguera (Spain) compete with new talents coming up from prestigious animation and art schools like Supinfocom, Gobelins, Georges Melies, Esma (FRANCE), or ECAM and ESDIP in Spain.

You can enjoy all this films at Animacam Website

Nov 28, 2011

Jisuk Jung and her reflection of modern society

  Jisuk Jung is a Korean multiartist, born in 1980. Her contribution to the animated world started in 2002 and since that then she has been in many festivals around the world with significant important creations.

The popular acclaim has come to her through the French public, a country where in 2004 she made a presentation of her works garnering a phenomenal criticism from the professional sector.

Among her most important references we can highlight a first prize at the "France Flash Festival 2005", the "Internet Festival de Bordeaux", the "Seul Net Festival" and at the "Melbourne Festival" where two of her greatest creations have triumphed: "Reve de Canne" and "The blue glass bird".

The main theme of her work focuses on the loneliness and ecologism, as a reflection of the modern global society.

Always showing her disagreement with the loss of the own culture, she presents in her animation work the concept of loneliness with a feeling of despair, as a search within a socializing conflict.

On the most ecologist side of her work, Jisuk complaints about the human damage to the earth because of its expansionist nature and creates a world that invites us to reflect on the human origin from its most natural side.

Regarding the technique, Jisuk Jung uses a 2D classic, using the drawing as a main tool for developing her work. Despite of this, we can observe in some of her creations 2D computer images mixed with real images.

If you try to make a comparison of the techniques and themes she uses with any other artist, it will be hard not to find an reminiscent of Monique Renault and Hellen Meske on her creations, either in the style or in the rebel and active theme. Despite of this, Jisuk shows a more colorful creation, with more contrasts and great strength. Black, Red, Blue and Yellow seek the contrast with white figures, characteristic in her works.

For a more detailed knowledge of her creation, The International Animation Festival Online "Animacam" presents a special series about this artist with whom you can enjoy 8 of her most significant creations. Enjoy them!

Forbidden LOST!

Oct 28, 2011

Isabel Herguera, a reference of Spanish animation.

Donostia-San Sebastian, 1961. She discovered animation thanks to a friend who showed her how to work a Bolex camera and gave her his animation equipment. Since then, she has been imagining stories that take place in different parts of the world, on stages that always fit in her luggage.

For years she worked in different animation studios in Los Angeles, USA. In 2003 she returned to Donostia and since then manages ANIMAC, the International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia in Lleida, and gives classes on animation in India, where she escapes to whenever she can to draw in her old notebooks, especially in train stations and bus stops.

Director's filmography

1988 Spain Loves You (16 mm, 5 min. Animation)

1989 Safan (16 mm, 4 min. Animation)

1989 Cante de ida y vuelta (16 mm, 4 min. Animation)

1993 Los muertitos (16 rnm, 10 min. Animation)

2005 La gallina ciega (35 mm, 8 min. Animation)

2010 Ámár (35 mm, 8 min. Animation)

Her last film, "Ámár", tells us the story of Inés who travels to India to visit her friend "Ámár", who was been living in a mental institution for years. Ines remembers the last day they spent together and her promise to return.

Sep 30, 2011

Animation Women Join in Animacam

This week begins with a special and exclusive mention for the animation women that present their works in Animacam.

To start the week we have the great pleasure to pay a tribute to the growing number of female animators that present their work in Animacam.

Each category sets out at least one work of the women's creations from various countries, and these are summarized as follows:

From Romania comes the short film "How to Deal With nonsense", a work of Veronica Solomon. Does the world always seem to you coherent and compressible? But why to struggle to understand everything when we can joyfully slide through so many layers of nonsense?. The spheric Mother Superior keeps the broth boiling and gems shining. And then ...
As a short film and from Argentina, we find it extremely rewarding to introduce "Benteveo". One work of one habitual participant in this fourth edition whose name is Ilenana Gómez Gavinoser, and who will fill the Animacam movie listings with poetry and feeling.

For the multimedia category and from Germany we are pleased to present the film work of Antje Heyn, "Lumo",  is a film about the intereaction between draw and drawer, between two characters and between thinker and thoughts.
Also we present the film work of Ingrid Esteve Martín, that from England sends three interesting works of animation. These are:
In the multimedia category we have a promotional video to "The Fashion Fix", a virtual success with Second Life that if you want can turn you into the most fashion virtual host ever seen.

Also in this category, she entertains us with a creation to a presentation of Will Wright, "Meme Signal". An interesting proposal, Ingrid!

To remember her days as a student in Spain, Ingrid recalls this time with "El tramposo", a fun and ironic creation that will compete in retrospective category for an award of 600 Euros.
For the retrospective category, one more time the figure of Monique Renault will be our protagonist when presenting several classic films, accompanied by Helen Meske as co-director, that show us the most active feminine side of Animation of the 80´s and 90´s. These are the Films of Monique and Hellen:

With "Hand´s off" offer us an educational film which aims to be a stimulus to have a discussion within a broader campaign against wife battering.

"Long live the sexual revolution" nos tell us the story of a man that does a planning and gets prepared to make love with his partner, without worrying about whether the desire is mutually felt. She doesn´t seem to have the same desire as him, or rather not quite exactly the same.

And on her own, Monique shows us with “La Dona e Mobile”,a journey into male fantasies seen though the eyes of a woman, based on the famous opera from Verdi, Rigoleto. The duke of Mantua dreams about nudes, languishing beauties. The women depicted represent famous paintings: Matisse, Ingres, Boticelli, Degas, delighting with the beauty of a pose or the sensuallity of a gesture.

Sep 23, 2011

A tribute of childhood movies to Maite Ruiz de Austri in New York

Source info: CIMA
The Children's Film Festival in New York KidCinemaFest Film,that is held between the 24th and 30th October, will dedicate a retrospective to Maite Ruiz de Austri, the only woman who usually leads animated feature films in Spain.

Maite Ruiz de Austri will receive the recognition of the KidCinemaFest Film Festival from New York in its new edition. The festival will screen some of her films like “El regreso del Viento del Norte”, “Que vecinos tan animales” both awarded with a Goya, "La Leyenda del Unicornio", "Animal Channel" and more recently "El Tesoro del Rey Midas".

The tribute comes just when Maite Ruiz de Austri is preparing her sixth film production, also an animated film named "El extraordinario viaje de Lucius Dumb " and which the issue of Human Rights for Children will be treated .

This is not the fisrt recognition that the creator receives from New York, as in 1988 she won the Silver Medal at the International Television Festival of New York. 

Sep 19, 2011

Students of the Ecole Georges Méliès present their films in Animacam fourth edition (part1)

From the hand of the friends of Premium Films, students of the prestigious French school Georges Méliès present their works in Animacam IV.

To start the week on a high note, as promised, we present the first installment of the works of the French school animators George Méliès.

In this first part, four films of students of this prestigious French school get into the competition in the fourth edition of International Festival of Animation "Animacam". These works will compete in the short film category for a prize of 600 euros accompanied by prestige and international recognition.

In a delivery that will be completed next Wednesday with the release of four other works, from Animacam we have the great pleasure to present:

Carpates Express, a film by Doris Bachelier and Maéva Viricel, who through a mix of 2D-3D tell us the story of an unusual journey of a train's traveler full of fantasy.

Cuisine Jap, Amine Beckoury, David Fernandez and François Dumolin show us a fun alternative to the origin of Japanese cuisine today, identified in the creation of the famous Sushi in a film with a slight allusion to Bushido.

Lucie Mayjonade shows us in his short animated film Haï Puka a journey through the imagination of a girl on an adventure full of tenderness and fantasy endowed with a careful music atmosphere.

Finally, Guilhem Salinas, Jean-Baptiste Bister, Marine Perraudin and Mathieu Goudet de Landres show us the traumatic touchdown of a child with a Kindergarten. A film full of sentiment by which surely more than one will feel identified.

Sep 16, 2011

New films in competition at Animacam

 Germany, Argentina, Austria and Spain give welcome the films that come today in competition at Animacam IV edition.

After the great welcome that the films  have presented on Tuesday at the premiere of Animacam 2011 have recived, we are massively receiving films for the exhibition and competition in this 4th edition of Animacam.

To end the week we present a very interesting selection of films that will delight you .

In the shortfilms category we are pleased to present "Wallflower Tango", a film by Wolfram Kampffmayer, which comes from Germany by the hand of the producer Sebastian Weimann. This animated shortfilm tells the story of Charlotte and Kalle, a passionate tango dancer and a thief, who will delight us with an intensive dance on film with a lot of substance.

To accompany it, from Argentina arrives "Pío, Pío" by the courtesy of Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser, with  shows us a beautiful story of a bird and the search of its home. Surely this work will delight children.

Ileana is also one of our contestants in the Retrospective films category. The work "Mar" and "Los búhos ciegos" show us her artistic and reflective side. With her "Mar", she shows a poetic disconection through the tears of a woman and their effects on the sea. While with "Los búhos ciegos" invites us to reflect on the training and education and their manifestation within the society.

In their company, and from Austria, the Iranian-born director Taha Ghamini Fard brings us two films laden with feeling and identification with his land. His "Hello" shows a sincere tribute to the first teachers for deaf children in Iran. Whereas that with "100 years of Oil" Ghamini recalls the first job of oil extraction in the Middle East.

Finally, Amor Díaz entertains us in the Multimedia category with his video art "Caballo de Santiago", which picks up with great poetic fame and impeccable musical atmosphere the pilgrimage of this significant animal to the capital of Santiago of Compostela.

We wish you enjoy our proposal for the weekend and anticipate that next week we have several films of students from one of the most prestigious animation schools . The students of the French school Georges Méliès will share their work with all the great Animacam´s family.

Animated Greetings and very happy weekend for everyone!!

Sep 13, 2011

Welcome to Animacam IV edition

Once more time it starts a new edition of the International Animation Festival Online "Animacam". In this fourth edition is a pleasure to share with you these wonderful animated moments.

In 2011 we intend to continue offering you interesting works from all over the world, and new developments through the new interactive Web

Among the innovations that you will find and that you will be discovering from these days, we highlight a new display video format, where you could select the option to watch videos in HD quality or standard. This ensures that the connection to the network from anywhere in the world won't be an impediment when enjoying the work of the great family that now makes up Animacam.

Furthermore we offer you a more dynamic, interactive and intuitive Web, for you to enjoy at its best way of every moment that we will share together.

To start this 2011 edition we offer you a representative group of films that certainly summarize the essence of the festival.

As a touchdown, our mates from ECAM bring us three great films that will compete for the short film category and that are extracted as follows:

"Dogballs" directed by Ernesto Felipe and  Hugo Llamas, a thriller animation which shows the work of a specialized hired murderer who deals with one of his customers. This acclaimed animated short film follows an intense essence of good black movies.

"Eso te pasa por Barroco" is a fun project by Pablo Serrano, Elsa Esteban, Angel Fariña, Vicky Gonzalez, Adrian Parra, Juan E. Forero and Iria Salgado, who through a great Stop-Motion with clay shows us the carefree story of a commensal with his food. Laughter is guaranteed

The most intense counterpoint comes from the hand of Zoe Berriatúa, who tells us through his disturbing animation, "La cosa de la esquina", the disturbing story of Janus Harper in the fight with his subconscious, or perhaps his reality ... you can judge it.

These three films will compete for the prize in its category accompanied by an excellent animated short film, courtesy of Alejandro Salmeron Galindo in his "Requiem", shows with nearly 20 minutes the search of a dying man of his salvation. Will he get at it?

To close the international presentations, the note comes from Greece thanks to Irili Siresli, who shows the most ecological side with the animations "Mission Mission Earth 1" and "Mission Earth 2". A great work that invites you to a sincere reflection and natural awareness.

Feb 9, 2011


Animacam 4th Edition 2011, will start September 12 of 2011
Cooperation Agreement Animacam-Festival Eurocine 2011, Colombia

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that the 4th Edition of Animacam 2011, finally, will start the September 12 of  2011, with novelties and surprises in wich we are now working, hoping that all will pleased you .

Until then, we are bringing you a scoop: the Cooperation Agreement, recently created between The Cultural Section of the Spanish Embassy in Colombia and Animacam for he Exhibition and Promotion in Latin America of the European Animation Short films participants in Animacam 2nd and 3rd Editions. The shorts, coming from the Short film Category Official Section of Animacam 2009-2010, will be exhibit in Eurocine 2011 that will take place in Bogotá from April the 27 to May the 8th of 2011.

We wish that the initiative please you.


The proposal of Eurocine is to diversify the Colombian filmic scene, opening spaces to the best European Cinema, poorly represented on the traditional screens. This edition emphasizes on Animation, where European creators have traditionally stood out.

The Cultural Section of the Spanish Embassy in Colombia
is pleased to invite the European Animacam Participants in the Category of Short film in the 2009/2010 Editions, to screen their shorts at the Exhibition Section of the Festival Eurocine 2011, that will take place in Bogotá from 27 of April to 8 of May 2011.


The interested may send their works (two DVD PAL copies in high quality with Spanish Subtitles), until 25 march 2011, to: · Tecnópole · Edificio CEI–Nido 19 Buzón 35 · 32900 San Cibrao das Viñas · Ourense · España

The Consultant Committee of Eurocine in the Spanish Embassy will choose the final selection according to representative and quality criteria between the candidates presented by ANIMACAM.

ANIMACAM will not receive any economic remuneration for the organization and management of this event: it is a courtesy collaboration with Eurocine 2011 to promote in Latin America the European Animation cinema which had participated in ANIMACAM 2009 and 2010.

Thank you all. Animated cheers! Animacam team.