Sep 27, 2010

Monique Renault: a great feminine animation refference

After starring in an article of Women Animating, the French artist, currently installed in the Netherlands, Monique Renault, has contacted us through the network, happy and grateful for the article of herself and interested in participating in this Third Edition of Animacam, bringing much of her extensive work with eight animations, from its beginning in France to her professional development in the Netherlands.

Since its iniciation in 1966, when she graduated to study in Prague, even today, the animator never stopped creating, participating in multiple initiatives and forming part of a jury of renowned animation festivals around the world. Stresses in her work, the delicacy with a pencil trace the characters and the modeling thereof and the use of the image and movement combine to perfection.

In Festival are available eight of his works in the Official Section in Competition in the Retrospective category:

- 850 years in Moskow
- À la votre
- Borderline 1 & 2

- Holly Smoke
- L'Alliance

- Nike 1980

- Pas a deux

- Psychoderche

- Weg Erme

To watch the videos of the French artist, it´s as simple as accessing to the homepage of the Festival, click on Watch videos and in the search box on the left side of the screen, type the name of the animator: Monique Renault. Relax and enjoy!

Sep 15, 2010

Mujer Es Audiovisual Foundation presents the new Cine en Femenino Contest

Women's Audiovisual Foundation (Mujer Es Audiovisual from Colombia) invites all women with audiovisual works such as documentaries, short films, feature films, animation, experimental, video clips or film-minutes to make a selection of projects for different samples in national festivals and alternative spaces associated with the foundation.

To meet the requirements for participation in the 2010 Women's Film Round (Cine en Femenino 2010) follow the following link, clicking here

Women's Audiovisual was formed under the female I Film Festival in Bogotá - Colombia Lights, Camera, Women in Action, a public policy proposal from the Women and Gender of the Mayor of Bogotá in 2007. There were presented about 100 films directed by women, participating 14 countries, six spaces for screening, five talks and an international seminar Eulate with Esther Perez, Spanish filmmaker who represented the Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media in Spain (CIMA).

Sep 13, 2010

Urgent message- Animacam in Facebook

Dear friends of Animacam Festival:

It is our duty to inform you that we have a serious problem when attempting to access our Facebook account, which user is Festi. Animacam, those problems appears six days ago. After three years of attendance of the Festival where its was active, sharing all information relating to it through the social network, we are not able to offer you all the information about it from our original account, created from the First Edition of the Festival in June 2008.

After trying to solve the problem, contacting the administrators of the social network Facebook, whose representatives have ignored our demands, and consulting advice to various experts in social computing and networking, we do not understand what is the real reason for the impossibility to accest to the account, because we have the user profile opened to the Internet, but can not access the account to continue reporting the news about Animacam. Therefore, we suspect that this is a computer attack to the Facebook´s user of Animacam, ignoring the reasons and motives that have led to cause him/her to do it.

We apologize to all our supporters and friends of the Festival, as it is a bug outside the Organization and impossible to be sorted out through it, which has always done a strictly professional and informative work to share with you our business, played with all our affection and encouragement. However, our alternative is to create a new user of the festival to continue transmitting the news to the public regarding the same.

Please accept our apologies and call upon this social network managers to rectify, explain and argue the disadvantages that have arisen when the access to social network profile, motives and reasons unknown and as users, we have the right to be informed.

Thank you very much for your time and attention

Best regards


Sep 8, 2010

Femitic: Made by women video contest

FEMITIC is a video contest to promote participation of women on the Internet.

With the video contest Femitic, made by women, Dones en Xarxa (association organizing the event), aims to achieve the following goals:

- Encourage the creation of digital content among women.

- Encourage women to participate more actively on the Internet and Social Networks.

- Visualization of women on the Internet.

- Reduce the gender digital divide.

- Encourage the use of the Internet as a space to promote egalitarian and inclusive values among young men and women.

Sep 3, 2010

La flor carnívora by María Lorenzo

A woman alone in her house. A man, or maybe two. A Venus Flytrap. Carnivorous flowers die when they chase... But not all of them.

The renowned animator from Alicante, María Lorenzo, one of the leading figures in our space, Women Animating, participates again in this third edition of Animacam with her lastest animation: La flor carnívora, a traditional animation on acetate which tells the loneliness of a woman which her carnivorous plants die, but not all.


Director: María Lorenzo Hernández
Screenplay: María Lorenzo Hernández
Animation: María Lorenzo Hernández, Mikolaj Konwacki
Argument: María Lorenzo Hernández, Enrique Millán
Storyboard: María Lorenzo Hernández
Photo: Carol Bernal
Music: Armando Bernabeu, Merche Moret
Editor: Jordi Abellán - 25P, Francisco Ortiz
Credits: Francisco Ortiz
Artistic Director: María Lorenzo Hernández
Producer: José Iborra, Guillem Miquel

Sep 2, 2010

Women Animating: Joanna Priestley

Born and raised in Oregon, Joanna Priestley began experimenting with animation very early in her life. “One of the first toys I was ever given,” she recalls, “was a zoetrope, which worked on a little turntable and it had little zoetrope strips with it. I loved it! I’m sure I became an animator because of that toy.”

After college, she moved to Paris “to study printmaking with intaglio master Bill Hayter at Atelier 17.” Returning to Oregon, she settled in Sisters, “a little tiny cowboy town in the center of the state, where there was almost nothing to do in the evenings.” With no commercial cinema around, she helped start a film society, which became a huge success.

Working as a film librarian for the Northwest Film Center, in Portland, enabled her to see new work and meet filmmakers like independent animator George Griffin, whose work Priestley “just fell in love with” and who became a big influence. Other animators who have had a great influence include Norman McLaren, Len Lye and Jane Aaron.

“However,” she says, “the one film that’s influenced me the most is La Jetée by Chris Marker, [which consists entirely of still photos]. I saw it in college in 16mm; I was so astounded by it that I insisted I be able to take the film and look at it myself, and was able to look at it four times in a row. At that point, I was supporting myself doing commercial slide shows with three or six projectors. And there’s such an interesting overlap between slide shows and La Jetée and animation, because movement occurs between the dissolves between these still images.”

Sep 1, 2010

Women Animating: Monique Renault

Monique Renault was born in Rennes, France. She studied painting at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Rennes and Paris. In 1966 she got a scholarship to study animation in Prague. She has worked several years with Peter Földes and Sarah Mallinson. In 1972 she became chief animator at A.A.A. Studio (J. Rouxel and M. Ponti) in Paris. In 1976 she went to work in Amsterdam in The Netherlands and acquired the Dutch nationality.

She was guest of honor in Assen, Athens, Cambridge, Grimstad, Hiroshima, Krok, London, Montpellier, Rennes, Sorrento, Stockholm, Taiwan, Tampere and Utrecht.

Monique is also well known for her workshops and memberships of juries. She was member of a jury in AniFest, Annecy, Bilbao, Douarnenez, Espinho, Hiroshima, Krok, Utrecht and Zagreb.

Since 2003 she works for PHFTP productions-Tokyo-Japan ("Fukushima Folkstales", "Space Elevator: The future scientist dream of", director Pascal Roulin). Nowadays, she features in Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Monique Renault has won many awards with her films among which a Golden Bear in Berlin. Recently her work was shown as l'art émancipé in Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Monique Renault, l'art émancipé - Bande-annonce
Cargado por centrepompidou. - Mira videos web originales.