Dec 29, 2011

2011 has been the Year of the Women animating in the International Festival Of Animation Online Animacam

 The Belgian animation director, Britt Raes and the Spanish-Danish Inma Carpe, win the best Multimedia and Retrospective awards respectively, being the best short film prize for the Danish director Henrik Malmgren.

The Belgian director BRITT RAES, with her Retrospective creation "I LIKE BIRD", presents a film which includes the most interactive side of the most little-aged with the audiovisual media and the reaction that they arouse in her mind and imagination.

In contrast, The Spanish-danish INMA CARPE, with her Multimedia work "DADDY'S GIRL", creates an advertising spot proposal for BARBIE I CAN BE, the Matel's doll, in which the parental relations prevail, showing her kindest side.

On the other hand, the director Henrik Malmgren with his film "THE GUEST", with high impact at festivals such as Siggraph (Los Angeles), takes us, through a psychological thriller, into the burning issue of the loneliness and the social exclusion within the troubled and controversial actual society.

205 films from 38 countries from the 5 continents (1 of each 3 directed by women) had coincided in the subject matters of their animation films submitted at the 4th Edition of Animacam 2011, produced and realized in Ourense (Spain), since the last 4

The presence of Women animating in 2011 was magnificent: they were present practically in all the movies at conquest and as a directors, they signed72 films from the 205 finalists. We also remark their extraordinary active participation in the Festival’s blog “Women Animating”, which English version
had more tan 41.000 visits.

This Animacam’s 4th Edition was notorious by the quality of the films at conquest. Eather acclaimed women directors or young coming talents got together in this 2011 Animation Festival. Thus authors like Monique Renault, Malika Whitaker (France), Ellen Meske(Belgium), Jisuk Jung (South Corea) and Isabel Herguera (Spain) compete with new talents coming up from prestigious animation and art schools like Supinfocom, Gobelins, Georges Melies, Esma (FRANCE), or ECAM and ESDIP in Spain.

You can enjoy all this films at Animacam Website