Sep 27, 2010

Monique Renault: a great feminine animation refference

After starring in an article of Women Animating, the French artist, currently installed in the Netherlands, Monique Renault, has contacted us through the network, happy and grateful for the article of herself and interested in participating in this Third Edition of Animacam, bringing much of her extensive work with eight animations, from its beginning in France to her professional development in the Netherlands.

Since its iniciation in 1966, when she graduated to study in Prague, even today, the animator never stopped creating, participating in multiple initiatives and forming part of a jury of renowned animation festivals around the world. Stresses in her work, the delicacy with a pencil trace the characters and the modeling thereof and the use of the image and movement combine to perfection.

In Festival are available eight of his works in the Official Section in Competition in the Retrospective category:

- 850 years in Moskow
- À la votre
- Borderline 1 & 2

- Holly Smoke
- L'Alliance

- Nike 1980

- Pas a deux

- Psychoderche

- Weg Erme

To watch the videos of the French artist, it´s as simple as accessing to the homepage of the Festival, click on Watch videos and in the search box on the left side of the screen, type the name of the animator: Monique Renault. Relax and enjoy!

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  1. Wow these ones looks great...!!!
    i hop men in animation also can comment here...