Sep 3, 2010

La flor carnívora by María Lorenzo

A woman alone in her house. A man, or maybe two. A Venus Flytrap. Carnivorous flowers die when they chase... But not all of them.

The renowned animator from Alicante, María Lorenzo, one of the leading figures in our space, Women Animating, participates again in this third edition of Animacam with her lastest animation: La flor carnívora, a traditional animation on acetate which tells the loneliness of a woman which her carnivorous plants die, but not all.


Director: María Lorenzo Hernández
Screenplay: María Lorenzo Hernández
Animation: María Lorenzo Hernández, Mikolaj Konwacki
Argument: María Lorenzo Hernández, Enrique Millán
Storyboard: María Lorenzo Hernández
Photo: Carol Bernal
Music: Armando Bernabeu, Merche Moret
Editor: Jordi Abellán - 25P, Francisco Ortiz
Credits: Francisco Ortiz
Artistic Director: María Lorenzo Hernández
Producer: José Iborra, Guillem Miquel

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