Nov 8, 2010

Jade Raymond, the hallmark of quality in the video game industry

Bachelor in Computer Science and Fine Arts, the Canadian began his passion for video games in his teens.

"After spending a summer playing video games, it became clear that the next step for me was to create"

Said and done.

He began his career as a programmer doing educational games for the IBM and Microsoft, with educational applications, to give then the jump to video game development team from SONY. His good performance earned him an exceptional reputation that catapulted the "swilling" developer and publisher Electronic Arts, where he worked as a producer of Sims Online.

As Jade are the sagas, he returned to his native Montreal to enlist in the ranks of Ubisoft, and take the journey through the most successful franchise of the moment "Assassins Creed". He made the first delivery as the main producer, and after achieving unparalleled success, took the post of executive producer on "Assassins Creed II."Since yours are the sagas ... also have something to do with "Assassins Creed III", but this time, with thirty-five years from the same Toronto address Ubisoft. As president.

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